Studies of Religion Resources

Studies of Religion is a challenging and an increasingly complex area of study. This page lists some of the resources that may assist teachers and students in achieving the  outcomes of the Studies of Religion Syllabus.

Some presenters have made their presentations available to all HSC students. All presentations available accessed by schools, via RE Online can be used with permission of the author, as part of the National Education Access Licence for Schools (NEALS).

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Christianity – Bioethics  (2015)   /   Christianity – Bioethics (2016)
Environmental Ethics
Baptism – A Significant Christian Practice (2019)
Baptism – Significant Practice (2018)
Baptism – Significant Practice (2017)

Baptism – A Significant Christian Practice (2015)
Paul of Tarsis
St John XXIII – Significant Person (Notes)


Bioethics in Islam
Aisha Bint Abu Bakr – Significant Person
Imam  Al-Ghazzali – Significant person
Sayyid Qutb – Significant Person
Environmental Ethics in Islam
Hajj – Significant Practice


Judaism  – Bioethics
Judaism – Marriage
Judaism and Environmental Ethics
Judaism – Death

Post 1945

Religious Expression Post 1945
Australian Religious Landscape

Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue

Granada – Interfaith Dialogue Example

Approaching the HSC

Smart Study
Mastering Short Answer Responses

Religion and Non religion

2019 Religion and Non Religion
Religion and Non Religion

Religion and Peace

2019 Religion and Peace
Religion and Peace