The Angelus

Angelus on Powerpoint. This file can be used as a presentation, or the slides can be inserted into any other presentation you are using.
Exploring the Angelus – Teaching & Learning Strategies
Spoken Angelus Prayer – with bells.mp3
Angelus Bells.mp3 (To be paused between sets) This track includes all the bells in sequence. Please press pause after the first set of three. Once the Hail Mary has been prayed, press play for the next set of three bells. The fourth set will ring repeatedly during the final prayer that begins “Pour forth, we beseech thee…”.
Angelus bells.mp3 (with pauses for the prayers) This track contains extended silence between the sets of bells, to allow the Hail Mary to be prayed. The leader reads the white text on the cards at the beginning of each set of bells. The final set of bells will ring repeatedly for the final prayer.
Hail Mary – Gentle Woman.mp3
Resource Sheet 1 – The Annunciation Script
Resource Sheet 2 – Teacher Background Information
Resource Sheet 3 – Fra Angelica Information and Suggested Questions