Further Study in 2016 – Endorsement Deadline

20151311-endorsement-deadline-img-lgeThe deadline for submission of endorsement forms for study in Religious Education and Theology for Summer School and Semester 1 of 2016 is on Friday 27 November 2015. Endorsement Forms need to be received by this date to ensure eligibility for reimbursement.

Furthermore, those who are commencing in 2016 will need to advise the Religious Education and Evangelisation team at the CEO Sydney prior to their enrolment.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the processes related to the endorsement of units and reimbursement of tuition fees. Attached are the following:

· Information Flowchart – Endorsement and Reimbursement
· Endorsement Form (Please ensure that the current version is used)
Note that both of these, as well as other related information and forms, may be downloaded from RE Online, under Related Documents.

For any queries, please email ree.accreditation@syd.catholic.edu.au in the first instance.

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