2 thoughts on “Liturgy Help Access Page (Updated)

  1. Kasimir Clement says:

    Can you help us with this clarification… do we mention “response” when reading the psalms after the first reading or do we just pause for the response?
    Personally, I think we should just pause as in a conversation, we don’t ask for a response.or say “response”.
    Thank you
    ( please forward my query to whoever is able to provide a response.


    • David Neilson says:

      Kasimir Clement,

      Your thoughts are correct. When sung by a cantor, the invitation to join in the response is indicated with eyes, and often a simple hand gesture. When read, the reader simply pauses, and possibly looks towards the congregation to prompt for the response, which the reader also reads, to assist the congregation. At the front of the lectionary there is information regarding the proclamation of the Word, and it states that readers should read the words in black. Red text is for details and directions.

      I encourage you to have a look at the first sections of the Lectionary, as it provides a very detailed explanation of the celebration of the Word of God.

      I am not sure of your role in the Parish, but it is important that all of this is discussed with the Parish Priest or Administrator, as the presider has been entrusted, above all, to proclaiming the Word of God – even if it is being proclaimed by others.

      I hope this helps somewhat.

      Yours in Christ,


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