Regina Coeli Resources

The Regina Coeli traditionally replaces the Angelus during the Easter Season. This prayer dates back to the sixth century, when Pope St Gregory was leading a procession through Rome, carrying an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, reportedly created by St Luke. The procession, imploring relief from the Plague that was afflicting Europe, ended with Pope St Gregory seeing a vision of an Angel atop Castel Sant’Angelo,  singing the first three lines of what is now the Regina Coeli Prayer. History tells us that Pope St Gregory replied with the fourth line, completing the prayer. This also signaled the end of the Justinian Plague.

Regina Coeli Prayer Poster:

Prayer Cards – Front and Back:

Sound Files – Click the text to Download

1. Spoken Regina prayer with bells:

2. Spoken Regina prayer with bells and quiet music:

3. Spoken Regina prayer without bells:

4. Regina prayer bells:


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