Church Agencies

  • Vatican Library Online - Online database of Vatican publications: Website
  • Regional Interfaith Network - Connecting people of different faiths: Official website
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican Website) - The official Teachings of the Catholic Church including creeds, sacraments, commandments, and prayers. Link: Click Here
  • Archdiocese of Sydney - The website for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.
  • Vatican - The first Pope of the Americas Jorge Mario Bergoglio hails from Argentina. The 76-year-old Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires is a prominent figure throughout the continent, yet remains a simple pastor who is deeply loved by his diocese, throughout which he has travelled extensively on the underground and by bus during the 15 years of … Continue reading Vatican
  • ACBC - The official web site of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.