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This page contains links related to Religious Education and Evangelisation, categorised into sections: Church Agencies, Outside Agency News, Professional Learning and School & Youth.

What it means to be Catholic

Church Agencies

Vatican Library Online - Online database of Vatican publications: Website
Regional Interfaith Network - Connecting people of different faiths: Official website
Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican Website) - The official Teachings of the Catholic Church including creeds, sacraments, commandments, and prayers. Link: Click Here
Archdiocese of Sydney - The website for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.
Vatican - The first Pope of the Americas Jorge Mario Bergoglio hails from Argentina. The 76-year-old Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires is a prominent figure throughout the continent, yet remains a simple pastor who is deeply loved by his diocese, throughout which he has travelled extensively on the underground and by bus during the 15 years of … Continue reading Vatican
ACBC - The official web site of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Outside agency News

Cath Family - An initiative of the Parish & Marriage Resource Centre (PMRC) Australia, dedicated to assisting families in making the home the living heart of the church. Link: Cath Family
NEWS.VA - Articles and videos from the official Vatican News Network Link: NEWS.VA
Australian Catholics - Print and online resources that explore Catholicism in today’s world, helping schools deepen and extend their faith formation activities. Link: Australian Catholics
CathNews - A daily news service with prayer, meditation and Catholic website reviews. Link: CathNews
Catholic Weekly - Catholic news from Australia and overseas Link: Catholic Weekly

Professional Learning

‘A Sense of the Sacred’ (Login Required) - Link: A Sense of the Sacred
Association for Studies of Religion (ASR) - A professional association that aims to provide resource support and professional learning opportunities to teachers of the NSW Board of Studies course, Studies of Religion. Link: Association for Studies of Religion (ASR)
Catholic Adult Education Centre (Sydney) - An agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, committed to helping adult Catholics grow in the understanding of their faith so as to integrate faith and life and be more effective in evangelisation.
CEC NSW - The Catholic Education Commission provides leadership in Catholic education, through service to Dioceses, Religious Institutes and Parents. Link: Click Here
‘A Sense of the Sacred’ – Professional Learning Module – Catholic Values (Secondary) - How can the Catholic values be infused into teaching and learning so that students authentically internalise those values? Link: Professional Learning Module
Catholic Social Teaching - Responding to the call to centre teaching and learning around Catholic social teaching.
Parish Social Profiles – Sydney - A social profile of each Parish in Sydney.
Smartcopying in Schools - The Official Guide to Copyright Issues for Australian Schools and TAFE Official webiste

School & Youth

School Reconciliation Resource - A resource to assist secondary schools in opening the treasures of the Church to young people seeking healing and peace with God and the Church Community. Link: Click Here
Liturgical Resources - resources to support liturgical celebration, especially the celebration of the Mass. Link: Click Here
The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools - The Charter assists schools to reflect on and revitalise their understanding of the mission of the Church, and how it is lived out in schools. Link: Click Here
Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relations - Fostering unity among the Christian churches and building harmonious relations between peoples of different faith traditions. Link: Click Here
Lectionary for the Mass - A resource containing readings for Mass, courtesy of Felix Just. SJ. Link: Click Here
Together At One Altar - A Resource for students, encouraging full, active and conscious participation in the Eucharist. Link: Click Here
Catholic Bible: New American Bible - An Online Bible – American Version. Link: Click Here
Twitter - Religious Education and Evangelisation – Sydney Catholic Schools Official account at Twitter Follow Online on Twitter. Link: Click Here
Religious Clip Art - Free religious clipart for non-commercial publications. Link: Click Here
KWL E-Text: To Login With An Account - Login page for Religious Education texts; To Know, Worship and Love. Link: Click Here
New Euthanasia Resource - The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has produced a new resource for parishes and schools titled ‘Real care, love and compassion – the alternative to euthanasia’. Click Here
Catholic Youth Services-Archdiocese of Sydney - The official Church agency serving youth and young adults in the Archdiocese of Sydney, offering young people opportunities to encounter Christ. Link: Click Here
Caritas Australia - The international aid and development organisation of the Catholic Church in Australia Link: Click Here
The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics number over 120,000 and are the youngest and fastest growing group within the Catholic Church in Australia. Link: Click Here
Liturgy Help Access Page (Updated) - A resource for planning liturgical activities (Mass, Prayer services, etc), in your school. Free for Sydney Catholic School teachers. Link: Click Here  
LiturgyHelp - News related to LiturgyHelp as well as Catholic liturgy and prayer including new resources, conferences and events. Link: Click Here
Angelus Resources - Resources to assist in praying the Angelus with students. Link: Click Here
YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE - Pope Francis has proclaimed a year to celebrate consecrated life. Click to view reflections and resources regarding this important celebration Link: Click Here
Initiate – RCIA Resources - The linked website contains resources and videos that complement the Initiate book. The resources are aimed at students currently undertaking the RCIA program (Rite of Christian Inititation of Adults) Link: Click Here