Year 4 Curriculum

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Curriculum Units
4.1 Living the Law of Love
4.2 Lent: A Time to Make Choices
4.3 Easter: A Time to Live the Good News
4.4 Pentecost: The Holy Spirit Gives us Courage
4.5 Mary, Mother of God: First Among Saints
4.6 One with God’s Creation
4.7 Prayer: Being With God
4.8 Advent to Christmas: A Time for Journeying in Hope

Guide to Resources – Year 4
4.1 The Ten Commandments Display
4.2 Penance Photos
4.2 Stations of the Cross Visuals
4.6 Creation Display
4.6 The Goodness of God’s Creation – Templates
4.7 We Pray Through Drama
4.8 Chariots Image
4.8 Crown Image
4.8 Israel Map
4.8 Old Testament Time-line