Year 5 Curriculum

The revised Year 5 Religious Education Curriculum (draft) is now available at the RE Curriculum Website Existing Curriculum documents can be found below.

Please click on the unit link to download a Microsoft Word version.

Curriculum Units
5.1 The reign of God: Reaching Out In Justice
5.2 Lent: A Time For Growth
5.3 Easter: A Time for Hope and New Life
5.4 Pentecost: Celebrating the Presence of The Holy Spirit
5.5 The Catholic Church in Australia Has a Special Story
5.6 Creation: A Change of Heart
5.7 We Celebrate the Sacraments (Part 1)
5.8 Advent to Christmas: A Time to Prepare and Celebrate


Guide to Resources – Year 5
Justice Card
5.3 The Easter Vigil – Powerpoint
5.4 Maps – Powerpoint
5.4 The Early Christians Images
5.5 All Images
5.6 StoryImages
5.7 Shepherd Images
5.7 Sheep Images
5.7 Ordination – Powerpoint
5.7 Penance Photos

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