St Josephine Bakhita

In 2015, Pope Francis declared the feast day of Saint Josephine Bakhita, 8 February, as a day of prayer and awareness of human trafficking. This year Sydney Catholic Schools will join with other Catholic agencies and the Archdiocese of Sydney in promoting awareness of the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking.

The following resources are included in order to assist schools in commemorating St Bakhita’s Feast Day on 8 February, as well raising awareness of modern day slavery throughout the year.

General Resources
St Bakhita – brief biography
A Saint for Victims of Human Trafficking | One-Minute Saints
St Josephine Bakhita HD (Show up to 2min 55sec)
Obscure Saint: St. Josephine Bakhita | Encounter

Liturgy/Prayer Resources
St Bakhita Prayer Card
Prayer Service for St Bakhita (Secondary)
Prayer Service for St Bakhita – guide (Secondary)
Prayer Service and Resources for St Bakhita (Primary)

Anti Slavery Resources
Archdiocese of Sydney Anti-Slavery Taskforce
Sydney Archdiocese to tackle forms of modern slavery – Catholic Weekly
Catholic Social Teaching and the issue of Modern Slavery – Australian Catholics
Slavery in Today’s World – Australian Catholics
ACRATH – Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) – Education Resource
Slavery and Trafficking – Facts and Figures

Saint Bakhita,

During your life you experienced hardship and suffering. As a child, you were sold into slavery and you were denied all basic rights. Through your faith, you never gave up hope, and you prayed for justice and freedom.

Please be with those who suffer today and inspire them by your example. Inspire us too, so that we can become a voice for the victims of slavery in our world. We pray for their freedom and healing.