Combined Regions Year Nine Evangelisation Day

20150530-evangelisation-collage-img-lgeDomremy College, Five Dock was recently host to an Evangelisation Day that was aimed at animating Year 9 students across the Inner West and Eastern Regions, to be witnesses to the love of God in their school communities

The Sydney Catholic School System has adopted the theme of ‘Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God’. This theme was also used for the Evangelisation Day. From the beginning, all of the students were engaged. They were involved in a stirring and inspiring music performance that had an emphasis on interaction. Steve Angrisano uses his performance and story telling to great advantage, evoking thought and emotion focused on the theme.
It was amazing to see students taking the opportunity to explore ideas and thoughts of what it takes to have a ‘pure heart’ in today’s world. This was further explored in discussions across the schools, in groups lead by teachers, with intelligent and insightful feedback from the students themselves during the feedback session.

This day encouraged our students to look at ways in which they can think, speak and act from hearts filled with God’s love when they go back to their own schools.



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